Perfect conditions meant it was a great day to get on the water yesterday, and you sure did! It was wonderful to see so many people learning and improving in the sunshine. 

Racing Update

Following the training 18 boats entered the Triangle Race as they put their new learning into practice. 

With a few tricky marks to help separate the fleet the boats sailed around for their race. In the end it was Freddie that took the win on handicap, but still with an impressive positioning on the water as he was against a number of bigger and faster boats.

The afternoon racing got underway with a similar sized fleet. The wind had swung slightly to the west and so provided more changeable conditions for the fleet to race in. 

The first boats away in the pursuit race were hampered by the conditions and their advantage was soon wiped out by the likes of Tom and Matt and they ploughed through the fleet. George and Abi had the daunting task of battling each other while trying to keep the reset of the fleet behind them. 

As the 45 minutes expired, it was Tom who took the win, meaning that he also secured the series. 

In the second race a very busy start line made for a scrappy start which resulted in Dan & me making an infringement and having to complete penalty turns before we could start racing. 

Simon, on the other hand, had a good start and held the fleet behind him for all of the first lap, but Matt and Tom managed to get past him on the start of the second lap. 

Abi was never far behind and this time found herself racing against a different Sunderland, Will, as George also found himself the victim of a bad start. 

As the boats crossed the line, Matt had gained enough of a lead to take the win, but it was Tom in second place who again secured the series win on Portsmouth Yardstick. The personal results are not in yet, which means that the trophy could still be up for grabs. 

The Regatta 

Next weekend is the annual Club Regatta and it is going to be a great weekend of sailing with a fantastic party as well. 

As a reminder there will be 3 fleets sailing side by side. This means that there is something for everybody. 

A quick reminder of the regatta rules:

  • The Regatta will consist of 6 races, 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday, with 4 races to count.
  • The regatta will have 3 fleets, as described below:
  • Gold Fleet – this is open to any boat with a Portsmouth Yardstick between 1000 and 1200 (including OMSC exemptions)
  • Silver Fleet – for those sailors who traditionally take part in the Triangle Series
  • The Silver Fleet is open to any boat and times will be calculated using Portsmouth Yardstick. The Silver Fleet will start 5 minutes after the Gold Fleet with the Junior Fleet. The Race Officer may choose to give slower boats average lap times if deemed necessary.
  • Junior Fleet – for sailors under the age of 21
  • The Junior Fleet is open to any boat and times will be calculated using Portsmouth Yardstick. The Junior Fleet will start 5 minutes after the Gold fleet with the Silver Fleet. The Race Officer may choose to give slower boats average lap times if deemed necessary.
  • For clarity, sailors have the choice to race in either The Gold Fleet or the Silver Fleet, or the Junior Fleet (subject to eligibility) separate signing-on sheets will be available.
  • On each day there will be a briefing at 11am, followed by the first race at 11.30am. After the first race there will be a break for lunch, followed by 2 afternoon races starting at 2pm. All times are approximate.
  • The course will be set by the Race Officer based on conditions. There will be one course for all fleets and the race officer reserves the right to give Junior Fleet, or Silver Fleet sailors average lap times.
  • For each race, there will be 2 starts. The Main Fleet will start first with the Silver Fleet and Junior Fleet starting sequence commencing at the start of the Regatta Fleet. In the event that the Main Fleet is recalled, the Silver Fleet and Junior Fleet starting sequence will be deemed to be cancelled and will restart at the commencement of the Main Fleet race.
  • Each Fleet will have its own starting flag, and, following Olton Mere custom, will receive its own ‘Shorten Course’ when the lead boat of the particular fleet is approaching its final mark.

The following prizes will be available

  • Gold Fleet – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places & 1st Sailor aged under 21
  • Silver Fleet – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places
  • Junior Fleet – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places
  • Commodores Award – Awarded for outstanding performance over the regatta as chosen by the Commodores.

What’s happening…

The club relies on volunteers to give up their personal time and help the success of the club. Whilst we as members need to ensure we contribute, we must always respect those officers who do run our races and keep us safe each week. 

Week Beginning 10/6/19


7.15pm Wednesday Racing – T11

  • V Dixey (OD)
  • C Burns (AOD)
  • A Ewing (S)

8.00pm Wednesday Evening Bar


11.00am Regatta Day 1

7.30pm Regatta Party & Pig Roast


11.00am Regatta Day 2

Week Beginning 17/6/19


7.15pm Wednesday Racing – T12

  • J Hunter (OD)
  • F Lui (AOD)
  • A Ewing (S)

8.00pm Wednesday Evening Bar


4.30pm Saturday Afternoon Bar


Improvers Starting Training / Juniors

12.00 Afternoon Racing SUT1/C15/A15

  • A Seaton (OD)
  • M Seaton (S)


All Duties are published online, and are also available in the clubhouse.  

Olton Mere has invested in a system called ‘Dutyman’ which is an online tool for managing sailing duties. From here you’ll be able to request a duty swap or volunteer for a duty. Individual log in details are being sent out. 

If you have not received your details, or want to find out more, please speak with one of the sailing committee. 

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