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Olton Mere News


Sailing Update

The Mere served up a suitably chilly north easterly for the start of the Frostbite series.  The windward mark at number two was at various times in the wind, on the edge of the wind and then not in the wind at all. This reminded us all how much we have missed the Mere’s impish shifting breezes.   There were thirteen boats in the main fleet and seven in the Silver fleet and I think all sailors would admit to a rusty moment or two as they reacquainted themselves with their boats.

In race one Chris and Stella pushed Tom so hard for the lead that the Club Champ had a Hulk moment and tore the back out of his Aquafleece. Tom then used his new found strength to take the win, with George second and Chris and Stella third. In the Silver fleet Fred pushed his Dad down in to second place and Dan Seaton finished third.  

The wind picked up a little for race 2 which was perfect for me and my Supernova. Even more helpfully some of the usual front runners were detained at the start, so I was able to get away and managed to keep up with Tom for about half of the race, which was an even bigger surprise than getting a decent start.

It was notable that the Silver fleet sailors were adjusting to the conditions and picking the shifts with greater ease, as Fred took a second win with Mia second and Ed third. I managed to finish second behind Tom in the main fleet and according to the official results I won both races on personal handicap, such success simply cannot last, so I will take the trophy now if that is alright with the rest of you!

Final Word – Well done and thank you to our volunteers; Ade and Megan who ran the races for us and Steve who completed his first Safety duty with Dave Roberts by his side.

Commodore Matt


Deck the Halls

Come along and help decorate our club, ready for the Christmas festivities.

This Saturday we will be decorating the tree and having an appropriately festive Curry. Get your names on the board, or let me know via email, to make sure you don’t miss out.

Families very welcome.

Christmas Collections

This year we will be once again joining Solihull Round Table to lead Santa around Solihull to prepare for his big visit on Christmas Eve. As before we will be doing 2 routes, but this year we have one different route.

First Collection – 11th December – 6.20pm

Meet at the corner of Alderbrook Road and Blossomfield Road, near Solihull Train Station. The route takes us down Alderbrook Road, Blossomfield Road, Dorchester Road, and ends on Broad Oakes Road on the corner with Warwick Road.

Second Collection – 18th December – 6.20pm

Meet on the corner of Streetsbrook Road and Bryanston Road, near the large park. The route takes us along Stoner Park Road, Sharmans Cross Road, Woodside Way, Prospect Lane, and Rothwell Drive. It ends on Linwood Road. This is the same route we have done before, but in reverse. 

In return for our help, Solihull Round Table makes a donation to Olton Mere which helps support our club.

It’ll be great to see lots of people out to help support Santa.

A heartfelt thanks

On behalf of my mother, myself, and Shannon, I would like to thank the Club for all your messages of support and condolences since the passing of my father, Tom.

My parents were members of the Club for many years, and have many great memories and many friends. Your support, and beautiful flowers, has been greatly appreciated. 

My mother will be joining Shannon and I for Christmas and there will be an opportunity for friends to catch-up over the festive period. We look forward to seeing you

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